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in case you don't follow us on twitter yet, you can now download final cut limited edition for a short period only
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Quite some substantial changes lead to this new major version of PimpBot 4. The updater can now choose between two download mirrors, creation of .pimp files has been overhauled, and some of the secret features can now be recreated from their .pimp files. PimpBot portability improved and the new /portable switch will configure everything automatically. As a side-effect, this new version is the first to support old Windows 9x/ME, though there are some limitations. Also fixed a bug in the new UI, as of now the statusbar should work correctly.

All in all, here's a good reason to update. Of course this is old news if you have recently used the inbuilt updater.

Download PimpBot
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so, i decided to give away some postcards if you care to have one. all you have to do is add this postcard to your wishlist (click buy, then add to wishlist) and drop me a message that you just did that. this offer stands until the end of may, so hurry!
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To make things short, download the new version of PimpBot already. It's awesome in so many ways (really!)

I strongly suggest upgrading all your old installers, especially if you ever had a complaint that your pack was a virus, trojan or any other kind of malware.

edit: I'm aware of this update bug when trying to install 4.2.1! It's been fixed for the upcoming release, but the workaround is a simple manual upgrade - which I recommend doing!
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With the new update notification, this should be the last time I have to remind you of a new PimpBot version. Anyway, here you go!

Download PimpBot
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You might have noticed that a lot of packs by visbot, avsociety, Winamp-Forums and myself were updated in the last couple of days. The reason for that is the release of PimpBot 4 and it's a good reason. If you've been wise enough to keep your .pimp files, you are advised to recompile your previous installers.

Why bother? Going through some of the old installers, I have noticed many use a faulty install routine, ultimately forcing the user to move the files to the proper location. PimpBot 4 has the yet best install routines for AVS, MilkDrop or SPS presets. It handles alternate visualization directories, supports a handful of AVS modifications by default and has the yet best APE handling.

If you want your presets to be seen and not cause any trouble to the user, you should upgrade PimpBot and rebuild your installers. In case you lost your precious .pimp files, there are several ways to help you out: use DropFolder (or FuzzyDrop) or some of the useful tools in your PimpBot folder. Got a zillion .pimp files and you're afraid of the work? Don't be!

PimpBot Website
Google Code
i was just talking to Grandchild about the purple heart you can see on my profile page in the upper right corner.

The Purple Heart is a United States military decoration awarded in the name of the President to those who have been wounded or killed while serving on or after April 5, 1917 with the U.S. military. -Wikipedia

just to clarify, i got all my legs (and other essential parts) and my doctor confirmed me today that i got the health of a young child!

also many thanks for all the llamas, it's an award nobody else would deserve more. it has become an instant reaction to spit at cars that are trying to cut me when i'm on my bike. my jokes are also kinda llame.
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there's no need to +fav any of my deviations if you don't have anything to say about them. it's people like you that are to credit for the downfall of the avs scene. bitch!
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the new version of the avs archive is online, now containing 552 packs from 87 artists!
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let's improve your skill as a pimpmaster

1. how to "pimp" like a pro
2. how to keep your installer size low
3. how to maintain a folder-structure with sub-folders

oh and by the way, you should update your pimpbot to the latest version today!
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R2EP by dynamicduo

teaser to the upcoming remix double-pack from dynamicduo, which will be out around christmas!
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(via twitter)
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when i watch the newest submissions to the avs gallery in the last 17 months (non-subscribers only see 4 months), i see almost one pack worth a daily deviation per column. oddly enough, there hasn't been a pack awarded in almost a year. hello? wake up! yes, avs is dead, but what do you expect to happen? the occasional watcher only gets reminded of avs' existance by a daily deviation, he must have forgotten about it by now - i can't blame him!

anyway, here's some stuff everybody should give a try (most of my followers should know them by now):

VISBOT The least random number by visbot Winamp Forums Compilation 8 by Winamp-Forums Manic by dRRew xen-ON by micro-D Dynamix by dynamicduo VISBOT 200 by visbot Tentacliism by dynamicduo renaissance by mercenary2008 Fuck America EP by dRRew Anotherversion Deux by anotherversion2 Anotherversion Re-volution by anotherversion2 KVS1.5 Minipack by Kar-ma AVS ALIVE by MEANINGLESSexistance Winamp Forums Compilation 7 by Winamp-Forums VISBOT Exit Claus by visbot VISBOT Fifteen by visbot sing. less retro. spectate by vanish einzelstuecke by yathosho the big hungarian conspiracy by hunconsp New People Selection Vol 6 by visbot

this should do for a while, enjoy!
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eleven years after the first release of Fossil 2002, it's third version received another update.

Fossil 2002 III by yathosho

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Dx 1x3 by dynamicduoDx 2x3 by dynamicduoDx 3x3 by dynamicduo

new series from dynamicduo, don't sleep!
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you collect avs?
you make avs?

or milkdrop?
or sps?

no excuses.. and tell your friends too!

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the visbot television site on vimeo has been update and features many new videos of old, new and unreleased material. stop asking what avs is, watch the videos!
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as i fear a new version of deviantart coinciding with the 9th birthday, i better hurry up and update my journal before i won't be able to find the link on the new site.

i got a new avs pack out, but for reasons beyond my comprehension it's only available on! well, maybe i was just too lazy for doing a screenshot. or maybe i want to spare me some "nice, what is it?" comments. doesn't matter*!

apart from that, i wanted to update you on what i drink, eat and consumed otherwise. also, my face is getting cooled by a sexy vintage desk-fan from braun. and washed my hair using l'oreal something.

*i was about to write doesn't fucking matter, but maybe it's not cool to say fucking on devart? i don't remember it from the EULA. my guess is no, because there's too many kids hanging around here. which is why i didn't use that filthy word!
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